Taking Advice From A Couple Of Stoners

Photo by Marani Ceja from Pexels Last weekend, I was standing on my balcony, sipping a cuppa tea and half-listening to my neighbours have a chat. No, I wasn’t snooping or being noisy. They were quite exuberant and, by their second joint, extremely boisterous. They were inebriated but in a jolly sort of way. It was a happy... Continue Reading →

Stumbling Across Tranquillity

Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels I’m in a bit of a mood today. You could say that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or someone peed in my porridge. What other euphemisms can I use? When I woke up this morning, I put on my grumpy pants and my sour shoes. I did... Continue Reading →

And Now For A Brief Respite

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels I try to stay informed about world events because that’s what grown-ups do, or some nonsense like that. I check out the news and treat my brain to a daily dose of WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I question our longevity as a species and my own sanity. When that joyful and... Continue Reading →

Silly Dreams and Fancy Someday’s

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels I’m not a fancy gal or “high maintenance.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that! If you’re fancy or like things a particular way? Great, that’s a part of your unique personality. Me? I’m the opposite, which will work out much better because opposites attract or compliment, or balance each other. Did... Continue Reading →

Finding Happy: On The Royal Mile

Photo by Rohit Farmer on unsplash.com Is the cabin fever getting to anyone else? Is it too soon to make fever allusions? Have you, like me, actually tried to scale the walls of your home? You found a bug bite on your thigh and thought, for a fleeting six minutes and thirty-two seconds, that the... Continue Reading →

Finding Happy: On The Streets of Paris

Photo by Grillot Edouard on unsplash.com I’m feeling a little claustrophobic, and I've climbed the walls two dozen times in the last week alone. The restlessness is making my knee bounce up and down. There’s an itch I can’t scratch because flexibility is a myth. Or, I’m too tightly wound to be bend over backwards... Continue Reading →

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