When It All Goes Wrong (Glasgow-Scotland)

Photo by Evan Cameron on Pexels.com I had plans. Fun plans. Go outside and have an adventure sort of plans. Run wild and scream, “Wee,” at the top of my lungs. Okay, scratch that last one. Limp with glee and, if I’m feeling frisky, squeal quietly to myself and hope no one hears.  Yeah, that’s... Continue Reading →

My Very First Time

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com Do you remember your first time? The anticipation. The butterflies in the stomach. Biting your bottom lip and subconsciously attempting to reel in the jolts of nervous energy. Your fingers can’t sit still, and your knee keeps an uneven rhythm. Do they notice? Is it obvious? Play it cool.... Continue Reading →

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