Why So Serious?

Photo by BROTE studio from Pexels It’s 6:30pm, and I just walked through my front door. I took the leash off my dog, and gave him a treat for being a good boy. Well, mostly good with a dash of mischievousness. The wind kicked up a lot of smells. How could a dog resist so many sniffs? Impossible!... Continue Reading →

Chronic Pain And The Power Of Sucking It Up

Photo by Ferdinand Studio from Pexels Wait! Just wait. Please don’t question my sanity or kick me to the curb until I have a chance to explain the obvious, albeit tame, clickbait title. It’s not what it sounds like, all judgemental and what-not, and I don’t believe that you have to suck anything up. Somethings can’t be pushed... Continue Reading →

Is It Ever Okay To Give Up?

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels “Just existing on some days is more than enough. The flowers do it every day and they add beauty to the world just by being here.” — Nikita Gill (@nikita_gill on Instagram) I haven’t started one of these things with a quote in a while, but this one stopped my scrolling finger... Continue Reading →

Is Disability A Bad Word?

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels I recently watched a video of two able-bodied people talking about the word disability. They thought it was degrading and humiliating. They decided, if their bodies ever malfunctioned, that they would prefer differently-abled because it didn’t sound as weak, and they wouldn’t feel so alone. If someone called them disabled? That would be... Continue Reading →

Finding Happy: On The Royal Mile

Photo by Rohit Farmer on unsplash.com Is the cabin fever getting to anyone else? Is it too soon to make fever allusions? Have you, like me, actually tried to scale the walls of your home? You found a bug bite on your thigh and thought, for a fleeting six minutes and thirty-two seconds, that the... Continue Reading →

Abolishing The Always

Photo by JR Korpa on unsplash.com As a general rule, I choose to live my life in that awkward grey space that sits between two extremes. Life, as I’ve experienced it, isn’t all white or all black. It’s rarely all good or all bad. Most of the time, my journey has been a mix of... Continue Reading →

Finding Happy: In A Needle?

Photo by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels First off, that title, it’s not what it sounds like. I assure you it’s perfectly innocent. It’s as innocent as Christmas and Santa Clause, which is an odd comparison for me to make. If you know me, then you know I’m not a fan of the holidays. I don’t dislike them, and... Continue Reading →

Finding Happy: On A Frustrating Day

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels A few hours after my epic, and misguided, hike last weekend, the provincial government put parts of my province on lockdown. Confirmed cases are going up, and my region is topping the list. We’re number! Where’s my foam finger? Too bad it’s not the middle finger because that would perfectly express my... Continue Reading →

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