It Was Just A Hug But…

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels Something wonderful happened, and I can’t believe I’m using that descriptor. As I type these words, I’m overcome by shock, and I chuckle out loud. It’s one of those laughs that sounds a bit maniacal. It’s like I’m a villain in an old-timey cartoon, and I just confessed my sinister plan to... Continue Reading →

It’s Just One Of Those Days

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels I’ve tried to write today’s post three times, but every word feels wrong or it sounds like a lie. It’s not, not really, but it isn’t…something. That undefinable spark that tickles my mind and gives me a buzz. When the words flow, the ideas come, and it feels like tiny bolts of... Continue Reading →

215 & Counting

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels I’m taking a deep breath in and blowing it out slowly. My heart is incredibly heavy right now. My mind is trying to process the unfathomable, and the inexcusable. A tragedy was exposed but, it's something many have known, feared, for decades. Their voices have been silenced and ignored. It’s a painful... Continue Reading →

As Long As I Keep Moving?

Photo by Jayant Kulkarni from Pexels If you’ve read some of my last few posts, then you know that I’ve been stuck in a mental fog. It's a storm that rages and then whimpers. There are times when I think it's clearing up, and I feel intense relief. Maybe I’ll finally get out of it for good? Well,... Continue Reading →

Life’s Unfair And Then What?

Photo by jorien Stel from Pexels When was the first time you realized how bitterly unfair life was? That’s a chipper question. Nary a gloomy sentiment to be found. A touch of cynicism? Perish the thought. It’s a simple query to start your week off right and bright. So, how old were you when you realized that fairness... Continue Reading →

Into The Fog Once More

Photo by João Cabral from Pexels I woke up an hour before my alarm and stared at the wall. It was too early to get up but too late to go back to sleep. I don’t understand people who hit the snooze button. How do you fall asleep so easily? And how do you sleep for ten minutes... Continue Reading →

Taking Advice From A Couple Of Stoners

Photo by Marani Ceja from Pexels Last weekend, I was standing on my balcony, sipping a cuppa tea and half-listening to my neighbours have a chat. No, I wasn’t snooping or being noisy. They were quite exuberant and, by their second joint, extremely boisterous. They were inebriated but in a jolly sort of way. It was a happy... Continue Reading →

Spoiler Alert: I Turned Left

Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels After a few weeks stuck inside my 800 square foot apartment, I’m free to roam. I’m wearing clothes that weren't meant for sleeping— uh, ew— lacing up my shoes, leashing up my dog, and walking out my front door. Oh, the glorious freedom is sweet and delicious. The possibilities are endless. I’m... Continue Reading →

So, Who Do I Listen To?

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels Ah, fresh air and sunshine. Is there anything better? The birds are chirping loudly in the trees. The smell of barbecues being lit for the first time in many months. A fresh breeze rustles the leaves. Walking a well-worn bath with your dog leading the way. As the song says, these are... Continue Reading →

Sometime I Want To Be An Asshole

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina from Pexels Straight up, I’m way too passive-aggressive to be a complete asshole. All of my ass-like moments have been accidental or triggered by exhaustion and/or extreme hunger. I always feel horrible after the fact and spend way too much time apologizing because I’m not that person. Well, not on purpose, and I’ll try... Continue Reading →

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